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              When I Die

When I die, mourn not my passing

But celebrate my life.

If you knew me, then I knew you too,

And you touched my life

- As I touched yours.

Throw a stone into a pond

And ripples spread in ever widening circles.

So the ripples of my life spread

- To touch the lives of many others.

But in my turn I was touched

- By the many ripples of your lives -

And for that I thank you all.

For you have helped to shape my life

And make me who I am.

Truly as a spring tide rises highest,

So have your ripples

- Joining together -

Made a spring tide for my life:

Lifting me higher

Than I could have ever reached

- If I had never known you.


Fishing For Poets

I go to the poetry group

To listen to other poets

And sometimes read my own.

But she reeled me in!

She caught me like a fish upon a line

And reeled me in!

All I said was “I like your poem”.

“Are you an actor?” she asked in reply

“Are you a film star?”

All I wanted was a chat

And possibly some friendship.

Nothing more.

Just as every time a fish

Opens its mouth

It fastens more securely on the hook.

So at everything I said or did

She pulled a little on the line

And reeled me in.

And just as, for a fish once caught,

There is no escape, so it was for me.

Soon the line was pulling tight

And I was dancing like a silver fish

Upon the crystal waters

Of a Downland chalk stream.

When all I wanted was a friendly chat.