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          The Hearse

The hearse moved slowly

Like a shining silver wraith

Gliding through the summer scene

Along the road from Manningtree.

The coffin carried at the rear

Dressed with bunch of lillies,

Bore its dead with dignity

Upon their final journey.

Following the river’s edge

Alongside green and grassy verge

Over-hung with agèd trees

Seeing all from up on high.

The tidal river full and flat

Gleaming in the summer sun

Boats at anchor, lying still

Upon the peaceful estuary.

On the northern Suffolk shore

Hedges dressed in dusty green

Mark boundaries of ancient fields

Like patchwork on the land.

Carefree people strolling by

Taking in this tranquil scene

Noticed not the hearse go past

Nor wondered who it carried.

From anywhere along this road

Looking out across the water,

In any season, any month

This sight will lift the soul.

I know these views from living here

Few there are much better

But passing now I see them not

While lying in my coffin.


No One Knew

No one knew just what I did

Or what I’d heard

Or what I’d seen.

No one knew just where I’d lived

Or where I’d walked

Or where I’d been.

No one knew my real name

My family’s past

Or where was home.

No one knew the thoughts I’d had

The dreams I’d dreamt

Or where I’d roam.

No one knew the weight I bore

The family name

The burden carried.

No one knew the stress I felt

The angry demons

I had parried.

No one knew the walls I built

That kept them out

But kept me blind.

No one knew the pain I felt

As bit by bit

I lost my mind.