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        Finding My Voice

Dark outside, the wind blew strong

The rain was hard and icy -

I went to call upon my friend

And share some idle chatter.

This time, my turn to take the drinks

The Sekt was chilled and welcome -

And eating olives, green and black

We cursed the world around us.

I’d scribbled since the last we met

Now keen to share my writing -

I took the poems I had made

And searched for something new.

A few he hadn’t heard before

So listened as I read them -

The careful words came tumbling out

My soul laid bare before him.

“You’ve really found your voice”

He said, with kindly praise -

“That’s fine” I said, still hesitant

“But has my voice found me?”.


?Where Should The Question Mark Go

I am on a one-man campaign

to change where we put the question mark [ ? ]

in the English language

There’s a flaw in the English language

I decided long ago

And that’s the simple question

Of where the question mark should go.

They said you’ll know it’s a question

If it starts with a question word

The who, what, why and when –

But I said that’s just absurd.

For every who and what and why

Designed to start a question

When sometimes used but not to ask

It only makes a statement.

When will you join me?  I might ask

When I’ve finished what I’m doing.

What are you working on right now?

What is on the table.

Who will know that piece of work?

Who next comes to read it.

Why take note of what you say?

Why water flows downhill.

Avoid confusion: join my plan

And move the question mark.

?Don’t you think it makes more sense

To put it at the start.

Before you even take your breath

Or start to say a sentence

You know a question looms ahead.

?What could then be clearer.