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      Life's Corridor

Walking down life’s corridor

I stroll past many doors –

Some I notice, some I don’t

And very few I open.

On some I turn the handle

But never look inside –

Some sixth sense has spoken:

That room is not for me.

Some rooms that I enter

Having opened wide the door –

Provide a feast of what I need

At that point in my life.

Some rooms turned out not to give

What I was hoping for –

But even here they added to

The journey of my life.

Now I’ve turned a corner

Rooms are getting scarce –

Not so many doors to open

Giving me less choice.

Now more rooms behind me

Than there are in front –

The end of life’s rich corridor

Is looming up ahead.

The paint on walls is peeling

The doors are all locked shut –

The carpet, stained and threadbare

A growing sense of gloom.

The longer that I tread this path

More time I have to think –

Of what was in those many rooms

I entered long ago.


   A Sophisticated Lady

She’s a sophisticated lady

With sophisticated airs.

She has a hint of haughtiness

Putting others in their place.

She’s not quite as well educated

As she likes to think she is.

But Daddy’s fees weren’t wasted

As she learnt her place in life.

She’s not quite as beautiful

As she’s always been assured.

She doesn’t have an accent

But speaks in best RP.

She seems to be well travelled

But there’s travelling and travelling.

Never in Economy

Always up in First.

She’ll greet you hale and hearty

While looking down her nose.

She doesn’t do sincerity

And never slips the mask.

?How best to sum her up

By using just a phrase.

It may sound cruel to say it –


But she spells phuck with a PH.