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    Looking Back With Love

When you’re getting old

And in the autumn of your life,

Sitting in your favourite chair

And wrapped against the cold,

Let slip the chains that hold your mind

And set it loose to run –

Back again to sunny days

When you were in your prime.

Replay once more within your mind

Those days of light and love –

Watch again those happy scenes

Of warmer times long gone.

And play them, like a film,

Across the theatre of your mind

Fresh and crisp, to you now,

As the day you lived them.

Close your eyes and see once more

So clearly in your mind

That young man you used to know

And loved so much it hurt.

In your mind you raise your hand

And reach towards my head

And touch again my laughing face

And look in to my eyes.

Now many years since last we met

And held me to your heart

But no amount of time can wipe

The memories you hold.

You see me as I used to be

And in your mind you still

Picture me as I once was

And to you have stayed.


         Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack said “Please”

Jill said “Yes”

And did what she didn’t ought ’a


(with acknowledgements)