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    These Ancient Lands

I walked along the river's edge

With Mistley at my back

The rising sun behind me

Lit up the land ahead


As it climbed it cast its spell

Across these ancient lands

Turned the cold grey light of dawn

To colour and to clarity


Distant woods that once were cast

In dull and sombre tones

Appearing now both proud and tall

In colours deep and bold


The land itself a patchwork

Of yellows, browns and greens

Shaking off the dark of night

To face the bright new day


From ages past these lands have shaped

The people who have lived here

The farmers and the artisans

And those who worked the sea


Man arrogantly seems to think

It’s he who forms the land

But look a bit more closely

And you’ll see the land shapes him


Cut and carved by fire and ice

Through aeons now long past

Nature’s work continues on

- The land is never finished.