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Sacred Sanctuary

Leave the noisy world behind

Walk boldly through the door.

Leave the stress of modern life

And step

Across the threshold.

Feel the air change as you enter -

Cooler now

Without the sun’s oppressive heat.

Feel the history of this ancient place

A sanctuary for many years.

Look around in awe

- And gaze in wonder -

At the structure that enfolds you.

As your eyes accustom to the gloom

See the colours that surround you.

See the shaft of golden sunbeam

Streaming in from up on high,

Falling like a burst of holy light

Upon some religious statuary.

Look up and trace the columns as they rise

Straight as pillars first they climb.

Then arch to form the roof - high overhead -

Scattered with pin-pricks of light

Like stars across an evening sky.

A sense of calm and full of faith

Sacred as any holy site

This no dry and dusty mausoleum

But full of life and calming for the soul.

No architect designed these buttressed walls

Or carved the windows up on high.

No thatcher interlaced the roof

Giving shelter far below.

No painter came with brush in hand

To scatter his palette all around

And colour in this sacred scene.

Rather this is nature’s work:

Foundations laid down long ago

From which have grown the noble trees

Of this ancient wood wherein you stand.


Eight Lines on a Piece of Rock

Eight lines carved on a piece of rock

Not by nature but by man.

Cut deep and straight with love and care

Engraved in to this sacred slab.

Meaning lost from ancient time

Some deep thought or vague idea

Turned this stone to a work of art

That speaks to me from ages past.


A Little Bit o' Rappin'

10 o’clock

11 o’clock

12 o’clock


1 o’clock

2 o’clock

3 o’clock


4 o’clock

5 o’clock

6 o’clock


I’m rappin’  all round the day!

Rappin’  in the mornin’

Rappin’  after noon

Rappin’  in the evenin’  too.

I spend my whole day rappin’

Rappin’  just for you!

Rap! Rap!

Rap – Rap!


That’s all I ever do -

Ever since I got this crummy job

Wrapping gifts for you!