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Welcome To Winter

It’s colder now.

The changing of the clocks brought a change of weather too.

With cold winds blowing from the north and cutting to the bone.

This year autumn lingered.

With unexpected tricks of light to flatter and confuse.

Clear bright air and days of warmth to tease us and enthral.

Trees are quickly changing.

Their bright and vivid summer greens are dull and laced with dust.

Yellow and red the colours now of leaves that haven’t fallen.

The tide is high but turning.

The water here is rough, no longer smooth and flat.

White horses play and dance about, whipped up by the wind.

Boats out on the river.

Tossed by unforgiving squalls they fight to hold their station -

And all as one they keep their bows heading ‘gainst the tide.

Clouds low overhead.

No longer light and slowly drifting, across the clear-blue sky -

But heavy, grey and threatening, full of darkened menace.

The light has changed.

No longer crystal clear and full of airy sparkle -

But tinged with blue and hinting at the coming of the cold.

Rain is now just starting.

Driven by the northern wind and feeling cold as ice -

Each individual drop of water pricking like a pin.

People hurry past.

Now not strolling by and walking slowly, taking in the view -

But striding fast and well wrapped up, protected from the cold.

Welcome now to winter.

Much more cold and wet to come for five long months ahead.

But after that, we hope, next year the spring will come again.


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