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Walk With Me

Take my hand and walk with me

Let me tell you about your life

I'll show you the Valley of Loneliness

And I'll try to tell you why.

We'll climb the ridge named Hindsight

And look down on the valley floor

For on that ground is laid a map

Of your life from birth till now.

Together we will walk that land

And I'll listen to what you say

As you tell me about the life you've led

And the feelings that you've had.

And in my turn I'll tell you how

That life has shaped your mind

And left its mark upon your soul

And made you who you are.


Deo Gratias

I loved you once.

Though I say 'once'

That 'once' continued on

For five and thirty years.

When I was aged

But just eighteen

You took me to my life

Until, when I was fifty-three

You lost your mind.

And then, by that losing

I in turn lost mine

Which, to this day

- Just like my heart -

Has never mended.