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In A Panic

A friend rang in a panic

I’ve got a mole she cried in despair.

Calm down I said take it easy

There’s no point in making a fuss.

They’re not such a problem I told her

An expert will soon sort you out

Your mole will be gone in a jiffy

You needn’t be making a scene.

It’s not just the one

She screamed down the phone

There’s lots I can suddenly see

And I’m sure there are many

That haven’t appeared yet

But will come in to view any day.

It’s quite normal I told her

At your time of life

To suddenly find you’ve got moles.

An expert will help you

They’ll know what to do

And your problem will soon be gone.

Just treat them with care

Don’t pick them or scratch them

You don’t know what’s underneath.

But my insurance has lapsed

And I don’t have much money

She continued to cry in a wail.

Just calm down I said

And do what I say

The sooner to start on a fix.

If you linger they’ll spread

And take longer to cure

So book an appointment right now.

Well you’re not much good

She cried in disgust

I thought you’d be able to help.

I need something done

Right now if not sooner

These moles will ruin my lawn.



Was there really any point to it all?

What useful purpose have I served

While living out my bleak and lonely life?

Searching for answers, many men

Gaze into the dying embers of a fire

And measure their life’s worth therein.

So too have I been gazing -

Into the dying embers of my life

And taking the measure of my worth.

There will be no statue to celebrate my life.

No awards to mark some great achievement.

No learnèd books to argue and explain

A great contribution made to help mankind.

Like an early evening shadow, dancing

Across the choppy waters of the bay,

I too have crept silently through life

Un-noticed, un-seen and un-remarked.

And just as that shadow will vanish

Un-remembered with the setting sun,

So too will my life fade from view

And leave no passing mark upon the earth.