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The Last Train

Standing at life's railway station

Waiting for my train.

Many pass but they're not going

Where I want to go.

Escaping from the storms of life

I shelter in the waiting room.

And while I linger, killing time

Trains keep passing through.

Late at night the last train stops

But none get on or off.

I climb aboard with heavy heart

Not knowing where it goes.

This train will not be going

Where I want to go -

But on and to the terminus

With a seat reserved for me.


Missing The Boat

"You've missed the boat"

They shouted

As I ran along the quay.

The engines roared

It picked up speed

And left me far behind.



I used to long for marriage

Either in law or just in fact.

To have such a close relationship

With just one other human being

Would have made me whole.

I thought that I had found it

The three times I was engaged

Thinking I had found my soulmate.

But each was spoilt by late discovery

And none was meant to be.

Every time I hear the strain

Of Mendelssohn's wedding march

I break a little bit inside

Knowing that I will never stand

While a bride approaches to that tune.

As I wait to say "I do".