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Mistley Cricket Club


Looking out.

Across the field of play.

A cold pint of beer

In my hand.

At peace with the world.

The sun breaks out.

The clouds skit

Like chariots

Across the azure sky.

Cars murmur

On the nearby road

As they pass by

Beyond the hedge.

The church

Straight ahead

Holds the eye.

With tree-framed spire

Reaching up

to scrape the sky

And dominate the field of view

North towards the river.

Ringers toll the changes

And the bells peel out.

As they have

For many years gone by.

Michael wanders up.

We have a chat.

"Isn't this glorious"

I say

"So English

And so wonderful".


He says.

"I have the words.

It's quintessentially


Some may call it cliché

But all is there to see.

The fields of play

Framed by trees

In every shade of green.

The hedgerow

- Neatly trimmed -

Nature's border

Beyond the rope

The boundary line

Where the laws of the game

Say the batsman

Will earn his four runs.

The over ends.

The umpires change.

One from stumps to now

Square leg.

The other vice to versa.

The batsman takes his stance.

The fielders tense

And walk their few paces

In towards the square.

The game goes on.

The view unchanged

From many years of play

At this most glorious of grounds.


Did I Mention The View

The view.

The Banter.

The pint of cold beer.

And children

Running carefree.

The view.

The game.

The murmur

Of traffic

On the road.

The church in the distance.

The wives and girlfriends

Off to the left.

With their barbeque

And children

And cold

Bottles of wine.

Did I mention the view?

Bob wanders up

With his neighbour's dog.

And Pete wanders over

To join in the chat.

Out to the front

On the field of play

The thirteen men

Continue their game.

Did I mention the view?

Leather on willow

And sometimes a call

From the players in white


For a catch.

But lift up your eyes

And look all around

At the trees

And the bushes

That frame this ground.

Did I mention the view?

Let no-one tell you

That green is just green.

There are so many shades

Scattered around.

The trees in the distance.

Or those

Right up close.

The newly trimmed hedge

Flat on the top.

The green of the outfield.

And the green of the square.

Greens that are dark

And some that are light.

With tinges of yellow.

Or some flecked with brown.

This is the MCC.

That's Mistley

Cricket Club.

Did I mention the view?

It's superb!