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A Tribute To Anthony

Dear Belinda.

It was with a shock

And great sadness

That I read -

Of Anthony's death

In the paper

At the weekend.

And I would like to offer

My condolences

To you

And the whole family.

Anthony really was

The kindest

And most sympathetic

Of people.

And I remember fondly

The generous hospitality

That he


And your wonderful children

Showed to me -

When I was based

With the Army

In Topcliffe -

All those years ago.

The opportunity -

To visit you all

At Barningham

Provided the most wonderful moments

Of peace and tranquility

In a rather stressful

And hectic

Military life.

And I will be


Grateful to you all.

I remember

The horse show -

And the privilege

Of helping Anthony

Construct the jumps

For the cross country course

Through the woods.

I recall the pleasure

Of walking

- With Anthony


The most beautiful of moors.

Or sitting and chatting

With him,

Whisky in hand,

Late into the evening.

I will never forget

The pride

And honour I felt

When driving Alexina

To school.

In my little green VW Beetle.

On my way back

To barracks

After staying overnight

With you all.

Above everything,

I remember the warmth,

Friendship and hospitality

Of the wonderful life

Which you and he

Made with your whole family

At Barningham.

So this letter of sadness

To mark Anthony's passing,

Is also one

Of gratitude.

That I once had the joy

Of knowing him

And of sharing

Some precious time.

With him,

With you

And with Alexina, Edward and Toby:

Your whole wonderful family.

And it is that warm family

That will enable you

To face the future,

For which you have

My very best wishes.