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The Talented Mr. D

A friend of mine makes films

He makes very good films

They always get great reviews

Although they're difficult to make

It's hard to raise the money

And it's hard to find the cast

And put it all together

To get it in the can

But the work doesn't stop

When the film is released

As it has to be sold

To get the film seen

On the screen

So off he goes

Around the world

A film festival here

Or an opening night there

Somewhere quite local

Or across the globe

All with the aim

Of plugging his film

And it can be a drag!

And one balmy night

After the showing

Of The Deep Blue Sea

At the electric cinema

In Harwich

Of all places

Just up the road

A lady got up with a question:

"Could you tell me"

She said

With an air of disdain

"Why in your film

Not once did you mention The Queen"


Said my friend

"I believe that it's true

When The Queen makes a film

She doesn't mention me"


The Greenest Grass

Just how tall

Would the tall grass grow

If the tall grass grew

Real tall?

Just how green

Would the green grass grow

If the green grass grew

Real green?

Just how sweet

Would the sweet grass grow

If the sweet grass grew

Real sweet?

Just how soft

Would the soft grass grow

If the soft grass grew

Real soft?

If the grass grew

Tall and green

And the grass grew

Soft and sweet

The grass would be

The greatest gift

Given to us

By nature.

The softest grass

Could give our bed

The sweetest grass

Our food.

The tallest grass could give

Our fuel

Together all we need.

But the greenest grass

Gives the greatest gift

Of calm

And peace of mind.

For when the stress and strains

Of modern life

Push us to the edge

To look upon a field of green

Will calm and soothe the soul.